Improving health and user experience all at once. Nuspine is a health and wellness program with the mission of easing people's back pain through a web application. Simply put, it's a 30-day program consisting of videos and tips, along with community and gaming principles to spur user engagement. All of the ingredients were there, but they were having trouble converting users after the first six days. Attrition was high, and we were tasked to find out why. This was a unique project, as no design was included at first. So we executed with an 88 page UX audit and heuristic analysis based on the Pirate Metrics (AARRR), followed by recommendations and a measurement of effort versus impact. What resulted was a strong relationship built with the client, lots of learnings, and a long-term iterative design process.

Role: UX Strategy   |   Agency: Digital Telepathy

The Audit

A sampling of the screens generated. Take a look at the full audit in the deck below.