A web-application for developers to manage their web-applications. Yes, this is a meta application with a lot of, well, meta. The beauty of CliQr is the ease it brings to developers. Create an application once, port it into the CliQr platform, and then have the magic ability of running, testing, and migrating across all major cloud providers. In addition to solving very complex problems, we also built an admin and super-admin layer of usability, including white label solutions. This required everything in the UX gamut, beginning with personas, interviews, user testing, prototyping, design and style guides. The result? CliQr was recently acquired by Cisco for $260 million and I’d love to think we played a strong part in making this product so valuable. 

Role: UX, Design, Art Direction   |   Agency: Digital Telepathy

The Product

A robust tool and a year spent building out this enterprise platform from the ground up.

Flows and Personas

Flows and personas to identify end users, admins, and super admins. 

Competitive Analysis

The race was on and the competition was fierce.


For various screens and states. 


Complex Axure prototyping to simulate multiple complex tasks for user testing.



I believe in process, even when it comes to choosing color. This was a study in color exploration using spectrums and math. You can view the details and full pixels on Dribbble


For monitoring a multitude of operations, migrations, users, and performance.


Monitoring solutions for benchmarking.



A visual topology for building server environments.



Usage of the platform is a balance of data, time, and money.

Cloud Storage

A system for managing cloud storage at the enterprise level.



There's always a chance to add a bit of pleasure to the mundane when designing for serious tasks.