Building a tool that scratches our own itch. CollabNet has been a player in the tech industry for over a decade. As the makers of subversion (known commonly as SVN), they've been integral to the operations of many technology enterprises. We had been working with them for quite some time on their suite of products when they decided to revamp a tool called ScrumWorks Pro. This tool was built during the birth of scrum and agile, and is one of the truest tools that matches the methodology. The problem was that the UX and design had not been updated since it's incarnation. So from the ground up, we rebuilt the tool to ease the experience for new and existing users.

Role: UX, Design |   Agency: Digital Telepathy


The primary focus of work was around the management of tasks, both for the makers and the managers.

Research Plan

With serious competition, it was important to have a solid research plan to gather the insights we needed. 

Competitive Research

We interviewed our clients, who are SF-based startups using the big tools like Jira and Asana. 

Object and Job Stories

A system of object-oriented UX, paired with user and job stories, prepared us for design. 


The team view for a project, primary used my product owners who need a birds-eye view of the work.

Task Fullscreen Takeover

The primary view for the makers, who are focused only on one to two tasks per day. It was critical to surface both the micro-tasks along with the user story, as this is a living document that gets routinely updated. 

Style Guide

Sometimes the development of our work is done on the client-side. In these cases, it's important that documentation and design specifications be crystal clear.