Disney movie mobile responsive. Say that three times real fast. After redesigning the shopping experience on the desktop, we were tasked to simplify and make available the collection to all devices. This was a true exercise in user experience, and incredibly fun referring to files like tinkerbell.psd. For a comprehensive story on how this was made, read Process.

Role: UX, Design, Art Direction   |   Agency: Modea

The Product

Covering the entire process from signup, browsing, filtering, account settings, and checkout. 


There was a gap in the behaviors of users from desktop to mobile, but the willingness was there. 


We surveyed the 75K+ users of the desktop site to learn more about their needs. While they mentioned "app" a lot, what they really needed was an optimized way to use the site on their mobile devices.


Design, print, review, iterate. And some fun brainstorming of animations.


A ton of considerations for catalog and cart flow.


A video placed on landing to Introduce existing members to the new design.