Building a startup from scratch. Moveline started as an idea born in the halls of a veteran moving company. The vision was to put the power back into the customer’s hands by using the web to provide a decision-making engine for people planning to make their move. The work you see here was created under my art direction and design leadership. The wireframing and user experience discovery took the majority of the project timeline, as very critical decisions were made at every turn. Leading a team of designers and illustrators to create everything from the logo to the buttons to the adorable illustrations, the resulting product took the bite out of the pain of moving.

Role: UX, Design, Art Direction   |   Agency: Modea

The Product

From signup to moving day, we created an experience that puts moving in the control of the user.

Investor Deck

Disrupting an industry that's as old as moving was going to take a lot of time, effort, and money. 


Months of field research, interviews, prototyping and testing were conducted to determine the market fit for this innovative solution.


Educate users, gain their trust.


For monitoring a move from planning to moving day.


The heart & soul of the decision tool