A mobile music marketplace like no other. is an innovative product with an ambitious goal: to revolutionize the way users consume music. I know that sounds familiar, but this truly is different. Slyde creates a unique social network that connects fans, artists, brands, merch, venues, and music industry professionals of all types through a mobile app, web-based marketplace, and enterprise platform. If you are old enough to remember record or CD stores, you’ll recall an immersive music experience. You would listen to an album while flipping through others, discover new bands, and likely walk out of the store with a few CDs, a new t-shirt, a free poster, and a Nine Inch Nails bumper sticker. This is the goal of Slyde: to pair that nostalgic and immersive experience with streaming music to the users of today. 

Role: UX, Design, Art Direction   |   Agency: Digital Telepathy

The Mobile App

With a “fan first” approach, the mobile app includes a rich experience of a news feed, onboarding, taste-profile builder, and music player.


In order to first understand the scope and goals of Slyde, we first designed an ecosystem map to illustrate the connections it makes across users and platforms.

Crazy 8s

Pulling in designers and strategists both on and off of the project, we led an exercise in rapid idea generation for the onboarding experience.

Art Direction

I take a very methodical approach to design. In the case of Slyde, this meant establishing typography, color, and a geometric style first, then evolving the look into a functional design. 

Mobile Onboarding and Account Creation

Building from the Crazy 8s exercise, the onboarding experience was defined. It was important to allows users to have a limited but meaningful experience of the app without creating an account. The richer experience begins once a user expresses in diving deeper into a content stack.

The Feed

The cornerstone of the product is the news feed experience. Users can engage in ways that don't exist in other music platform. Connecting with artists, exploring promotional material, growing their clout as a superfan, and, of course, discovering music. 


The marketplace is tailored specifically for artists and brands, allowing them to connect through opportunities posted by both parties. 

Marketplace Flow

To introduce the concept of a marketplace, it was critical to create an experience valuable enough to convert curious browsers into logged-in, customized users.

Profile Builder

A rich experience for a variety of personas.

Profile Builder Search

An alternate to approach to building a profile, focused heavily on search and tags.


With so many personas using the platform, a takeover allows the user to dive deep into a search filled with many options. 


Hyper-targeted filtering options for power users.