Disruptive technology for traditional media. Believe or not, 83% of Americans still pay for cable TV. As an established technical innovator in the broadcast television industry, Vigor Systems sees a huge opportunity to disrupt this industry. We designed a one-of-a-kind platform that sets an ambitious goal to eliminate any unused ad space by selling it to anyone, anywhere, all through a web portal that connects content owners, cable companies, network operators and content distributors.

Role: UX, Design, Art Direction   |   Agency: Digital Telepathy

The Product

Dashboards, tables, monitoring grids. And a thorough style guide for implementation and quality assurance.


Users manage channels and stations alike, which can grow to numbers in the thousands. Search, filter, and sort were a critical piece to the puzzle. 

Style Guide

Establish a design language, build a system that scales. The full pixels can be viewed on Dribbble.


The style guide was then used to create reusable components to build out the product.


A dashboard to monitor multiple servers.



A scheduling tool to track ad insertions and content.


Tables, filtering, sorting. And lots of Harry Potter references for placeholder content.